Welcome to Slum Tour Kibera!

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On this website you can book an interactive online tour through the slums of Kibera, Nairobi. The participants can experience daily life in Kibera via a live connection. The tours are given in English by the guides Collins, Allan and Rally. All guides were born and raised in Kibera and know the area by heart. 

Every tour is unique. The guides show what the students ask for. The guides give explanations on the spot and the students can ask in-depth questions. Click here for more information about the tour.

The revenue from the tours is used by the Agape Hope for Kibera foundation to purchase food, medication and organise education for vulnerable children from Kibera.

Agape Hope for Kibera also organises walking tours through Kibera, if you are in the area please go to LocalMeTravel for more information.

Laptop met screenshot van tour