More books in our library

Witrh the revenues of the online slum tours we were able to purchase more books for our library. The kids of the neighbourhoods can make us of the library for free. For most kis this is of grwat importance. Many of them don’t have school books at home. Our librarary offers them a safe and quiet place to study. Our …

50 families recieved food packages

War in Ukraïne and draught impact the food prices in Kibera. Food has become scarcer and prices has risen. Therefore Agape Hope for Kibera has donated, with the help of the incomes of the online slum tours, food packages to the poor in her community. These consisted of maïs flower, bananas, sucre and oranges. Thanks for your support!

Extra books for the library

Agape Hope for Kibera kocht afgelopen maand 120 nieuwe schoolboeken voor haar bibliotheek in de sloppenwijk Kibera. This helps the poorest and vulnerable kids to get access to education. This is made possible by the incomes of the online slumtours Thanks for your support!

Agape Hope for Kibera donates school books

With the generated income of the online slum tours, Agape Hope for Kibera has purchased books for her library. Many parents cannot afford books themselves, since they have an average income of 1,- dollar a day. Without school books pupils have a greater chance of having difficulties with learning. The library of Agape Hope for Kibera gives an opportunity for …