Reserve a tour

A tour costs 50 euros or 45 pounds (excl. VAT) per meeting of 45-60 minutes. You’ll only have to pay the invoice after the tour has been carried out. Are you booking a tour for the first time? It is possible to contact Collins first to get to know each other. Or reserve a tour directly here.

Booking and conducting a tour consists of four steps:

Reserve an Online Slum Tour. After reservation you’ll receive an email with the contact details to schedule your tour. Schedule a suitable date and time. You’ll choose the platform (Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams) and invite the guide to the meeting. Optionally, first make a brief online appointment with Collins to get to know each other.

Before the tour, you prepare the pupils or students with an introductory lesson on the subject.

The tour begins. The guides walk through Kibera while filming and explaining what there is to see. In addition, they answer the questions that are asked. The teacher ensures that all pupils or students are involved. Encourage them to ask the prepared questions from the introductory lesson. One tour lasts 45 to 60 min, depending on what is arranged in advance.

In the lesson after the tour, the teacher evaluates the tour with the students or pupils.

Afterwards, Agape Hope for Kibera can provide a follow up. In the form of photos or a short video it is shown how the money has been invested in the community (example). Please discuss this in advance when planning the tour.

Why participate?

In an increasingly globalizing world, knowledge of other areas is indispensable. The Online Slum Tour can help high school and university students broaden their world view.